Areas of activity

Over the years, Tabellini Avvocati Associati has gained accomplished expertise in the main areas of private, company and commercial law (both national and international).

It provides legal advice and assistance, technical representation and instruction before the courts (and in arbitration proceedings) to companies, private individuals and institutional bodies.


Tabellini Avvocati Associati supports entrepreneurs in both the most delicate situations during a company’s existence and in its everyday activities, supporting clients in all aspects of commercial and company law.
The Firm assists investors engaged in acquiring new activities, entrepreneurs wishing to join forces with others or to divest their ownership interests. It also helps companies involved in reorganisation, negotiating on behalf of clients to obtain the new structure of interests sought and drafting the necessary contractual documents.
The Firm also deals with corporate governance and provides advice in relations between shareholders, assisting clients to create corporate structures suited to their needs, negotiating and drafting articles of association, templates, codes of conduct, social and shareholder agreements.
Tabellini Avvocati Associati also provides ongoing support in the drawing up and negotiation of commercial agreements and joint venture agreements, and facilitates the creation of consortiums.


Tabellini Avvocati Associati aims to provide clients with drafting the most diverse range of business agreements and non-business agreements. The firm advises business owners to set up the most appropriate legal structures and contractual rules to their interests and needs, in contracts regarding the construction of facilities/systems, the provision of work/services, e-commerce and the implementation and maintenance of IT system, in licence agreements and know-how transfer agreements, in contracts regarding the transfer of company units, general partnerships or concerning the creation of business networks.


Tabellini Avvocati Associati represents its clients in proceedings before ordinary judicial authorities and in arbitration proceedings. It protects the interests of its clients in civil and commercial disputes, representing them in corporate disputes, in disputes concerning banking, insurance or guarantee relationships, in international disputes and in unfair competition disputes. It also assists clients in disputes concerning civil, professional or product liability, and over industrial or intellectual property rights.
The Firm represents its clients before any Italian court, including the Supreme Court of Cassation and before arbitration panels. International disputes are managed through a network in the most important European cities (Paris; Lyon; London; Birmingham; Manchester; Amsterdam; Copenhagen; Brussels; Berlin; Cologne; Düsseldorf; Lugano; Graz; Madrid; Barcelona; Bucharest) and in the United States of America (Dallas, Washington).


Tabellini Avvocati Associati provides legal advice and assistance to institutional bodies, credit institutions, insurance companies, financial intermediaries, and to entrepreneurs in their dealings with the aforementioned entities. The Firm helps clients negotiate and enter into financing, stand-still or debt restructuring agreements, providing legal advice and assistance, including before the courts, related to credit disbursements or the granting of guarantees, to establish trusts or fiduciary relationships, including in relation to planning family relationships and safeguarding assets in anticipation of successions.


Tabellini Avvocati Associati provides legal advice and representation in debt restructuring proceedings and insolvency proceedings in general.  The Firm assists entrepreneurs in the most delicate phases of the corporate reorganisation, including to draw up recovery plans, negotiate debt restructuring agreements, complete applications to initiate insolvency proceedings, including to support business continuity. The Firm also advises individuals intervening in any such plans and/or procedures to take over and save companies in difficulties.


Tabellini Avvocati Associati has in-depth and specialised expertise in the field of commercial distribution law. In this context, the Firm has collaborated since its inception with the most prominent national and international trade associations. Tabellini Avvocati Associati assists entrepreneurs to design and implement appropriate distribution networks. It negotiates and drafts concession, franchising and agency agreements. It protects the interests of its clients in disputes, and represents and instructs them in any resulting proceedings.
Some of the Firm’s lawyers participated in working groups responsible for drawing up relevant legislation, some of which have been definitively approved by Parliament.


Tabellini Avvocati Associati provides advice both to companies on their relations with employees and managers, and to managers on their relations with the entrepreneur. The Firm assists clients in the drafting of contracts for top positions in the company hierarchy, in the negotiation of non-competition agreements or of technician and manager retention agreements, protecting the interests of clients at every critical stage of the work relationship. The Firm also provides advice on various aspects relating to the establishment, continuation and termination of employment relationships, also providing assistance with trade unions.


Tabellini Avvocati Associati assists constructors, developers and investors engaged in property transactions. In particular, the Firm advises clients on legal aspects of property purchases and sales, on construction tenders and on relevant financing. Furthermore, the Firm supports clients in the negotiation and drawing up of agreements and in the establishment of guarantees, as well as in the structuring and forming of temporary associations of companies and consortiums.


Tabellini Avvocati Associati provides consultancy and litigation assistance in the various sectors of industrial and intellectual property. The Firm supports clients in the identification of the most appropriate legal protections, in the negotiation and cultivation of relations with potential partners, licensors and licensees, and in the defence of property rights from infringement or the risk of confusion.


Over the years, a selection of lawyers at Tabellini Avvocati Associati have gained experience in the specific field of the protection of personal and family rights. In particular, these lawyers provide legal advice and assistance during family relationship dissolution or crisis, in family planning, in successions and in the protection of inheritance rights.