Established in Turin at the beginning of the 1950s by Tomaso Tabellini, an attorney-at-law, Tabellini Avvocati Associati is a law firm that has grown in terms of both size and experience, acquiring new and specific skills and expanding its practice areas to also include the transnational business sector.

The Firm’s practice consists in providing legal advice and assistance and representing and defending its clients in court (including in arbitration procedures), in the main fields of private, business and corporate law (both Italian and international).

studio_tabellini_133prospThe Firm’s lawyers are authorized to practice in all Italian courts, including the Supreme Court of Cassation, and are in a position to assist clients throughout Italy.

In its transnational practice, Tabellini Avvocati Associati avails itself of a tried and trusted network of correspondent firms operating in major European cities (Paris, Lyons, London, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Brussels, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Graz, Lugano, Madrid, Barcelona and Bucharest) and in the United States of America (Dallas and Washington).

A good knowledge of English and French is one of the standards that the Firm maintains.

Tabellini Avvocati Associati is based in Turin and has branch offices in Milan and Rome.

Partners in the Firm have written articles for some of the most important legal journals and speak at conferences and seminars organized to provide a greater understanding of specific topics.